Crossbow Evaluations

Waukesha Physical Therapy Clinics (WPTC) can perform crossbow testing evaluations for hunters seeking a Crossbow Permit for hunting with a crossbow. Wisconsin Hunters can learn more about the Wisconsin Licenses and Permits for Hunters with Disabilities by visiting the Wisconsin DNR web site: Disabled Permits.

crossbow-hunterWe use medically-accepted standard examination procedures to evaluate and test for muscle weakness, range of motion limitations of your shoulder, and loss of arm or hand coordination or functionality. Crossbow evaluations generally cover:

    • Muscle Strength/Weakness
    • Range of Motion Limitations
    • Coordinative Disability
    • Grip or Pinch Tests

Hunters seeking to apply for a Crossbow Permit should allow sufficient time for their crossbow evaluation prior to hunting season. The Wisconsin DNR also requests that you allow six (6) weeks for review and processing after they have received your permit application.

Wisconsin DNR

As of March 2010, Crossbows are not legal to use except by disabled hunters issued a Class A, B, or
Crossbow permit; or for Wisconsin resident hunters 65 years of age or older with a valid archery hunting license. Contact the Wisconsin DNR to verify their current crossbow hunting regulations.

  • Crossbow Permit Application
    If you possess a Class A or Class C permit, you do not need to complete a crossbow permit application.
    permits allow you to hunt with a crossbow. [Certain Class B temporary permits also allow use of

Additional Crossbow Hunting Resources

For more information from experienced crossbow hunters, experts and organizations, check out the following links:

    • Crossbow Connection
    • crossbowHorizontal Bowhunter
      The Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine is the official magazine of the American Crossbow Federation. The objectives of the Horizontal Bowhunter include: the promotion and preservation of all forms of archery; the protection of individual rights to harvest natural resources; to promote a positive light on the industry and sport through publishing entertaining, educational, realistic, and responsible materials; and to advance good sportsmanship and the adherence to hunting laws in each municipality or province.
    • Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America – PCBA
      Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America, Inc. is a non-profit foundation for the assistance of physically disabled persons who actively participate in bowhunting and archery sports. A major emphasis is placed on reaching and exposing people with disabilities to the wonderful therapeutic benefits of recreational bowhunting and archery.
    • United Foundation for Disabled Archers – UFFDA
      The mission of the United Foundation for Disabled Archers group is to promote and provide a means for any physically challenged person to practice all forms of archery. The UFFDA wishes to open the doors to archery and bowhunting for any physically-challenged person. Even for those who do not have a desire to hunt, the UFFDA seeks to promote the therapeutic benefits that modern archery can provide.
    • U.S. Crossbow Hunting Regulations
      Regulations in individual states change frequently from state to state. Visit the respective DNR links on the Hunter’s Den website to verify the regulations you need to follow.
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